Thursday, December 8, 2011

Let’s take a look at the mental attitude part of this

Take a look at your attitude.... What has positive and negative affects on your attitude?  You will make a great difference in the way you feel mentally and physically by enhancing on the positive and removing the negative influences in your life.
Every thought you have your body will reacts to that thought.
Positive thoughts and feelings will create positive results, while negative thoughts and feeling will create negative results.
So if you are a calm and positive person your health will be better than a person who is anxious and negative.
To make yourself more serene, stand tall, throw your shoulders back, lift up your head and smile.   Try it.  Don’t you feel better?
Now stand up and look down, slump your shoulders and frown.  Now how do you feel?   Did you feel the difference?   
Just think back to your childhood. When you were praised how did you look and feel? When you were scolded how did you look and feel?
When your body is tense or you feel unhappy or have negative thoughts your body will react and your arthritis will hurt more than when you are calm, happy and have positive thoughts.  
Be aware of your mental attitude and note how different situations have an effect your arthritis.   Then you can take charge and change the affects they have on your arthritis.  Out with the Bad and in with the Good!!!
You are not responsible for what others do or say, you are only responsible for how you react to what others do or say.


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