Monday, June 10, 2013

How To Beat Gout: The Gout Solution

Gout is a painful condition of the joints which affects parts of the lower body as well as the arms. To treat gout, there are prescription medications as well as the implementation of a healthy lifestyle. The Gout solution is a combination of the two. Prescription Medications For Gout, prescription medications include non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen to control the swelling and the pain. Corticosteroids are also administered by injection or in the form of pills. Zyloprim is recommended for those with Gout. However, care should be taken as these prescription medications do not overrule the possibility of serious side effects. Colchicine is taken in case the non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are producing a reaction. Adverse side effects can cause a problem and lead to great difficulties. Therefore medication should be prescribed in close consultation with your health care professional. Medications that block uric acid build up are generally prescribed for those with Gout. Also a part of the Gout solution are medicines that facilitate uric acid removal. Healthy Lifestyles Like many other diseases, gout is the result of a wrong diet and unhealthy lifestyle. To treat Gout, a healthy lifestyle needs to be followed. Here are some of the recommendations for how an anti-inflammatory diet can be followed to treat Gout: • Avoid meats that are a rich source of uric acid such as sardines and anchovies. Eliminate coffee and all other sources of caffeine from the diet. • Limit alcohol consumption. Alcohol leads to dehydration and irritates the urinary tract. • You need to remain well hydrated in order to flush the uric acid out of your system. You should also lose excess weight if you are fat. Research shows that eating tart cherries inhibits certain enzymes just as well as certain anti-inflammatory drugs. Bromelain, a compound of digestive enzymes obtained from pineapple stems is another good way to beat Gout. Gout is a painful arthritic condition and there is considerable research evidence to show that lifestyle changes make it possible to control the condition and treat it well. Gout is easily curable and manageable provided certain precautions are taken and certain lifestyle changes are made. Gout can be treated not only through medication but also through major changes in diet and lifestyle. Gout can be cured easily and there is very little room for error. The increasing sophistication of medicines which treat Gout has been coupled with extensive research on what kind of lifestyle changes need to be made . Either of the two, medication and lifestyle changes need to be part of the treatment plan together for there to be relief from this condition. The Gout solution involves both.

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Monday, January 7, 2013

Reasons To Use Natural Remedies For Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is a degenerative bone disease, which is recognized by the symptoms of painful, inflamed and stiff joints. This is generally thought to be caused by accumulated damage to the connective tissues that the body can no longer efficiently repair, which is why most of the people affected are of more advanced years. While injuries, disease and general wear and tear of the connective tissues are factors that increase the chances of developing osteoarthritis, the exact causes are yet unknown.
Because of this, there is no known cure to osteoarthritis, and most treatments instead seek to relieve the symptoms of the disease. This usually allows most people with osteoarthritis the ability to live relatively normal lives, despite having the disease.
Conventional medicine's first approach is to prescribe analgesics to deal with the pain, while anti-inflammatory medication may also be prescribed to deal with any inflammation in the joints. Stiffness and the loss of mobility are treated with physical therapy, and most will also be advised to follow a regimen of moderate exercise to strengthen surrounding muscles. These methods are usually very effective, though more extreme cases may require other steps, such as surgical replacement of the joint.
Aside from conventional methods, alternative natural methods of treatment are also available. These methods include a wide range of disciplines within the classification of alternative medicine, including but not limited to herbal medicine, acupuncture, and the use of natural supplements. In general, conventional medicine does not advocate the use of alternative methods, though some doctors are beginning to accept the use of some alternative methods.
Despite the lack of support from conventional doctors and medical professionals, alternative natural remedies for osteoarthritis continue to be used, with a growing number of affected individuals admitting to have at least tried out these remedies. In fact, a good number claim to continue to use alternative methods, and testify to the effectiveness of various natural methods.
Why do these people choose to use natural remedies to treat their osteoarthritis? Here are some of the most common reasons:
1. More Practical: In some cases, these natural remedies are considered more practical, as well as economical. Many natural methods advocate the use of remedies that are readily available at home, reducing the expense of treating osteoarthritis. Many of those same methods are also easy to take, or apply, with little need for special instructions or even equipment. In some cases, even using natural supplements for treatment can cost substantially less than prescription drugs.
2. Safe To Use: Most people who take natural remedies for osteoarthritis perceive these remedies to be safer to use than conventional drugs and medications. Most conventional medications, specially those which are more potent in nature, carry with them risks of harmful side effects, particularly through long-term use. Generally speaking, most alternative natural methods do not have such harmful side effects, or if they do, they are relatively minor when compared to the risks carried by conventional drugs.
3. Healthier: The growing perception of many people today is that "natural" equates to "healthy" and that carries over to the remedies and methods used to treat osteoarthritis. While this is not always the case, the fact is that a good number of natural remedies are healthier for the body. Herbal remedies, for example, may also include vitamins and minerals that the body needs, and are also often used to treat more than one condition as well.
4. They Are Effective: Perhaps the best reason that natural remedies are used to treat osteoarthritis symptoms is the fact that they are effective. This is after all the bottom line in any arthritis treatment, and the bottom line for anybody who has arthritis. Proof of their effectiveness may come in the form of a few tests and studies, or even from testimonies of others with arthritis, but for many, these are enough reason to believe that they are effective.
by Meredith Walker